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Home of the 'Light' Elves, a proud people renowned for their beauty and their mastery of magic. In times past Alfheim was brought under the dominion of the gods and the forest realm was given to the rulership of the god Freyr. From time to time an elf would come to Asgard, and they made excellent servants, being fine of feature and diligent in their work.

Since Freyr was in Asgard at the time of Odin's enchantment, not even he knows how Alfheim has changed in the passing years.


Little is recorded in Norse Mythology about the specific geography of Alfheim, beside the vastness and impressiveness of the forests that the gods found. Alfheim is, of course, home to Freyr's hall, although in the thousands of years whilst the gods have slept nothing can be known for sure.

Sitting amongst the middle branches of the World Tree Yggdrasil, Alfheim is home to the ancient and mysterious elves. Little interaction is recorded between the Elves and the Aesir of Asgard, although the Vanir Freyr, now honourary Aesir, resides within the World, believed to be ruler thereof. The Elves themselves are said to be luminous beings 'more beautiful than the sun', but little else is known of the race aside from their residence in possibly the largest and most extraordinary forests in all of the nine worlds.

- Excerpt from The Nine Worlds, a Primer to Norse Mythology

”…Thor is seen emerging into Alfheim, a beautiful forest world as radiant as the sun with trees as tall as skyscrapers. He approaches one of the inhabitants - a tall, slim figure with pointy ears - and is about to speak when Tony Stark barges in front of him with a grin on his face…”

- Excerpt from the Audio Description for Marvel Avengers 4, 2021


The Light Elves of Alfheim get very little reference in recorded myths, aside from often being mocked as insignificant or puny. However, they are known to have wielded powerful magic, the likes of which no other world could control.

How Freyr became to be king of the Elves of Alfheim is of much speculation. Some scholars are of the persuasion that being presented the whole world to rule was a great gift to Freyr that the Aesir meant wholeheartedly as a great gesture of trust. Others believe that the myths suggest it was a plot to keep Freyr from irritating the Aesir of Asgard by 'giving him something else to do', as the gods would have perceived the inhabitants of the world as inferior not only to themselves but to the Dark Elves (Dwarves, as some would say) of Svartalfheim.

- Excerpt from Implications of Norse Myths, Volume 2

“Look, there's clearly a reason there's not much on the Elves in the records, and that's simply that the Norse did not care about them. They were insignificant - minor details! The Norse people didn't care about what a race of silly little people were doing when there were huge duels of gods and wars with giants to worry about! The Elves were and will continue to be one of the least interesting, most boring parts of Norse mythology and I for one refuse to provide any further comment on the matter.”

- Quotation from Professor George Duxbury, expert in Norse Mythology

Tales of the Gods

The gods were seated around a table, drinking and arguing as to whom the strongest race beside themselves were. When the discussion came to the Elves of Alfheim, much laughter ensued across the table. Freyr, to whom the world of Alfheim had been presented as a tooth-gift1), was enraged by the mockery of the Elves he was lord over, and demanded to know what it was that made them such a spectacle.
“The Elves are beautiful,” came the reply, “and they have their little tricks, but they're weaker than even the mortals in Midgard, they can't drink like a dwarf or throw a punch like one of us. They are very fine servants, but nothing more.”
Freyr responded, “The elves are more powerful than you imagine, and you would do well to remember that,” but his words were drowned in laughter from his companions, until a voice in pure disbelief scoffed “Powerful? I bet the champion of the elves couldn't even defeat the weakest of the Jotnar.”
As the challenge was laid, heads turned to Freyr, who without hesitation agreed to a contest, and with that he left to find his champion. The god who challenged him was cheered by his friends, and a party left to 'persuade' a scrawny Jotun to fight the strongest of Elves.
When Freyr returned, his champion was small and sickly looking, and the others laughed once more as they revealed the Jotun whom the elf would fight - thrice the height of the elf. Freyr was given one chance more to withdraw and accept how weak the elves were, but he refused. “Let the fight prove her worth.”
The challenge began, and the gods jeered as the gigantic Jotun lumbered toward Alfheim's champion, but were gobsmacked as there was a flash of light and the giant fell before the elf, dead.
That night, many drinks were raised to Freyr, in his abode in the golden forest of Alfheim, and the name of the god who challenged him lost in mockery.

- Tale of Jarndir the Wanderer

1) a gift given to an infant on the cutting of the first tooth
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