What is a Turnsheet?

A Turnsheet is your way of telling the GMs what your character is going to be getting up to in the downtime between sessions.

Generally speaking your character can undertake 3 significant activities in each turnsheet, so for each one you write down what you want to achieve and what your plan is. Then before the next session the GMs review all the turnsheets, see how they interact with each other, and then work out the results of everybody's actions.

Turnsheeting Deadline

The turnsheeting deadline is the Friday morning, 9am falling after the session. Turnsheets added past this deadline may not be processed by the GM Team; if you think you're going to miss it then please let your GM know.

Submitting a Turnsheet

You can submit Turnsheets electronically on the Ragnarok Wiki. You will have access to your own personal area of the wiki, inaccessible to other players in which you can enter your turnsheet information each week. However, you do not have to wait until after the session before starting your turnsheet - you could even start adding notes to future turnsheets in advance if you want. Turnsheets can be edited repeatedly, and are not processed by the GMs until the turnsheet deadline. You can make as many changes as you like up until the turnsheet deadline, after the deadline any further changes may be ignored.

When writing a turnsheet remember that it will not always be apparent to the GMs what your long term strategy is unless you make it clear in your turnsheet. The more detail you give us the less assumptions we will have to make.


Downtime represents the period of time that passes between formal meetings of UNITED and the gods. This time will vary across the game, becoming shorter as Ragnarok approaches, and lengthening once again in the aftermath.

IC Turn Lengths

  • Turnsheet 1-5: 3 Months
  • Turnsheet 5: 6 Months
  • Turnsheet 6: 1 Month
  • Turnsheet 7: ?


In Ragnarok characters can influence the world through their actions during the downtime between sessions using Major and Minor actions.

Major Actions - These actions are the things that have a significant impact on your character or the world, therefore actions such as; “Steal horses from Jotunheim”, “Lobby the UN to increase our funding”, “Fieldtest my Laser Eyes” or “Cheat in the drinking contest” would be appropriate Major actions. Characters can attempt three Major Actions every turn and should rank them in order of priority so that if something unexpected happens the GMs know how your character would use limited time or resources.

Minor Actions - The little things that require little effort and do not by themselves significantly advance anyone's story. Minor actions include such things as attending social events, passing on an item or buying some new clothes. Minor actions should never be more than a sentence long and will receive about the same amount of feedback. Characters can perform as many minor actions a turn as they want but the GMs give no guarantee they will read them all.

Anatomy of a Major Action

For each major action we ask you do provide us with the following-

Aim: This is a short explanation what you're hoping to achieve with your action.

Details: Describe your plan for the action.

Advantages: What mechanical benefits do you have that should help you with this action? Skills for Humans or Purviews/Deeds/Aspect for Gods. Also include any relevant quirks.

Others Involved: If you are expecting anyone else (PC or NPC) to be involved in the action then list them here.

Sample Turnsheet


  • Go and investigate the disturbance in the Amazon.
  • Investigate reported cult Activity in London
  • Try to track down the renegade Colonel Black in Alfheim

Action 1


There have been reports of some sort of giant reptile terrorising remote settlements in South America. Travel there and ascertain what is going on neutralise if necessary.


To find the beast lay a trap consisting of some kind of freshly slain animal whatever is closest to hand. Then watch from nearby until it emerges. When it emerges attempt to subdue it alive if possible as Dr Kline wants as many aberrant specimens to study as possible. He's provided me with some sort of super tranquilizer gun he's been working on which he says should work. Give this to my sniper specialist slim and let him try to take the beast down.

In the not so unlikely event that subduing the beast alive is harder than expected switch quickly to deadly methods as I don't want to risk the lives of any of my squad. The doctor can study a corpse instead.

Relevant Skills/Traits
  • Scout
  • Specalist(Sniper)
  • Elite squad

Other PCs/NPCs Involved: Dr Kline is lending me his patented oversized tranquilizer gun

Action 2


Unsurprisingly there has been reports of another end of the world cult in London. This one has apparently got large enough to start causing panic amongst the general populace and shows signs of powerful monetary backers from somewhere. We want to identify the cult leaders and work out who their backers our.


This is a joint operation with Marcus who's planning to infiltrate the cult by himself initially to work out where they are based so that we can stage a raid. I've agreed to help extract him if things go south during this initial part of the operation.

Once the headquarters is discovered we are planning to stage the raid during a meeting between the leaders hopefully capturing them as well as any physical evidence they have lying around. The leaders can then be interrogated and the physical evidence examined to try to work out what is going on.

Relevant Skills/Traits
  • Scout (Excellent)
  • Soldier (Excellent)
  • Commander (Good)
  • Elite Squad

Other PCs/NPCs Involved: Marcus

Action 3


For reasons unknown Colonel Black has fled through the portal to Alfheim taking several classified prototypes with him. I need to track him down apprehend him and bring him back in for trial.


The basic plan is to travel to Alfheim and use my tracking skills to follow the colonels trail once there. Once found according to the Colonels file he was some kind of bio weapon expert so attempt to requisition some Haxmat suits to wear in case he tries anything. There's apparently some potential political fallout if he detonates anything in Alfheim though so try my best to take him out before he has a chance to react dead if necessary.

Relevant Skills/Traits
  • Scout
  • Soldier
  • Elite squad
  • Specialist Sniper

Other PCs/NPCs Involved:

Minor Actions

  • Give that book I found last month to Sally.
  • Lend my e.m.p. device to Corporal Gai.


  • Increase Commander to Excellent as I've spent a lot of time directing my squad in co-ordination with others.
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