Daedalus Foundation

The Daedalus Foundation is an NGO dedicated to the promotion of responsible scientific and technological growth. Initially set up as a crowd-funded PR group to counter scaremongering anti-science tactics in the media the Foundation has since diversified into a globally respected body for the investigation and regulation of new technologies.

Green Future

A popular environmentalist group, Green Future agitates for industrial reform to reduce pollution and encourages the development of technologies to regenerate the environmental damage of past centuries. They also support the development of genetic sciences for the purposes of responsibly reintroducing extinct species back into the biosphere.

Green Future encourages its members to get back to nature and regularly hosts seminar/outings on living off the land, basic agriculture and animal husbandry.

Fortune 15

The 15 most successful corporations on the planet, every member of the Fortune 15 has spent the past couple of decades gobbling up their competition and aggressively expanding into other sectors. Now they circle each other, and wait for a sign of weakness or an opportunity to develop a new market.

The Fortune 15 includes:

  • Lucky River - An electronics giant, LR have recently invested heavily in a human augmentation department.
  • Arclight - This industrial titan provides every sort of machine from construction vehicles to aircraft carriers.
  • Neotek - Publisher of 70% of the world's software
  • RiteOne - Specialised in Human Capital Provision, they deploy both temporary teachers and mercenary armies.
  • The Winters' Conglomerate - Tasked with providing over half of all food for nearly every country on Earth

Alfred Chekhov

Alfred Chekhov rose to CEO of The Winters' Conglomerate after his predecessor, the last of the Winters family to run the Conglomerate, stepped down a year ago. Since then he has kept himself in the public eye with promises of shifting the focus of the corporation to the people who work for it

Global Peace Initiative

Si vis pacem, para bellum

The Global Peace Initiative, founded almost immediately after the declaration of world peace in 2049, holds that the current status quo will inevitably lead back to war. GPI members have little faith in the power of the United Nations to prevent further international conflicts, and instead strongly advocate for their governments to reinvest in their military and form permanent strategic and political alliances that will ensure that the next war will result in the emergence of a single victorious world power.

The most well known member of the GPI is North American President Maria Batista. Her recent rise to power has been seen as a significant threat to UN efforts to stabilise global affairs.



“Humanity has begun a transformation and once our metamorphosis is complete we will have become something greater.”

Chrysalis is a trans-humanist society dedicated to pushing mankind into a new form of existence. Chrysalis accepts that currently only a tiny fraction of humanity is interested in freely pursuing the trans-human ideal and so their agenda calls upon them to induce a need for widespread genetic manipulation, cyber-augmentation or mind-machine interfaces amongst the general populace.

Champions of Gaia

Out and out eco-terrorists, the Champions of Gaia have conducted several successful attacks against corporate and government interests that they feel represent a significant danger to the Earth's environment.
Most recently the lead scientist of the Oceanic Alliance's Weather Control Warhead research project, Starla Royce, was killed in a bombing for which the Champions claimed responsibility.

Greenlight Syndicate

No matter how improbable your idea, if you're willing to stake your future on it then the Greenlight Syndicate will back you. Like the Dragon's Den, but the Dragons take a family member for collateral and if you don't make your projections then then they'll sell their organs on the black market and put you to work on another project.

Rumour is that the group operates from within legitimate financial institutions. Certainly they seem to be able to pick out entrepreneurs who can't get a loan by other means. Further speculation is that those lucky few who do succeed are expected to join the Syndicate, and that refusal results in a visit from a corporate hitman.

Humanity First

“A war is coming, a battle for the very survival of mankind, and the fact is you're either with us or you're with them.”
- 'Colonel' Tucker Barnum during his trial for the assassination of Senator Ellen Walsh.

Humanity First believes that mankind is under attack. Whether their foes are genetically engineered mutants, cattle mutilating aliens or rogue AIs loose on the internet is a matter for debate, but what is certain is that the enemy is out there, and they're working to bring about the extinction of the human race.

Combining the worst excesses of conspiracy theorists with a willingness to take direct (frequently homicidal) action against their perceived enemies, the group has cells worldwide and an Interpol taskforce dedicated to wiping out its membership.

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