Three Tiers of Three

Myths on Earth and the knowledge of the Aesir states that there are three planes of existence and on each there are three worlds. The methods and ways of travel are mysterious and unknown - it is said that the Aesir freely traveled to Jotunheim and Vanaheim overland, and also to Midgard over the Bifrost. Likewise, recent experimentation by UNITED have resulted in a method of travel to what many believe is Asgard (technically designated as AM021-X). Speculation that if Asgard exists, then the other mythical worlds of Norse cosmology may as well and has led to the preemptive designation of them by UNITED.

Plane of the Gods

Asgard - AM021-X

Home of the Aesir (one of the player factions).

See Asgard for details.

Vanaheim - AM022-X

Home of the Vanir, the race of gods that was defeated by the Aesir a long time ago.

See Vanaheim for details.

Jotunheim - AM023-X

Home of the Jotnar, giants and some-time enemies and friends of the gods.

See Jotunheim for details.

Plane of the Peoples

Alfheim - MM012-X

Home of the 'Light' Elves, a people renowned for magic.

See Alfheim for details.

Midgard - Earth, UNITED Homeworld

Home of humans and placed midway between all the other worlds. Now technologically advanced and host to a number of warlike and expansionist cultures. Place of the UNITED base established for exploration of Inter-Terrestial Technology and other worlds (one of the player factions).

See Earth for details.

Svartalfheim - MM013-X

Home of the 'Dark' Elves, more popularly known as 'Dwarves' from myth. Reputed as a great craftspeople.

See Svartalfheim for details.

Primordial Plane

Nifleheim - BM031-X

Primordial world of Ice and supposedly home of Ice Giants. Very little is known of what may be here.

See Niflheim for details.

Helheim - BM032-X

Land of the dead, ruled over by the goddess Hel.

See Hel for details.

Muspellheim - BM033-X

Primordial world of Fire and alleged home of Fire Giants. Myths record little of what may be here.

See Muspellheim for details.

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