The Earth of 2050 is in many ways very similar to our own. Walking down a street in most parts of the world you might see a few unfamiliar dishes on the houses and the people you pass might dress a little differently, but much of your experience would be familiar.

The recession of the 2010's led into the Second Depression of the 2020's, an economic slump that froze social development for almost two decades. Only in the past ten years have the fortunes of the Great Powers revived and technological toys of the cutting edge have begun to trickle into the mass market.

The past three years have seen the world's nations fall into a descending cycle of conflict and only the valiant efforts of diplomats operating through the UN has prevented catastrophe and bought an uneasy peace. Many people still vividly remember the night two years ago, when orbital explosions blossomed across the sky and it seemed that nuclear annihilation might be only moments away.

The UN

The Second Depression weakened the individual powers of most countries and as economic cooperation increased so too did the political influence of the UN grow.

Since the outbreak of hostilities in 2047 the UN has been instrumental in preventing global conflict from escalating beyond control. As a result it currently enjoys an unprecedented amount of public support.

Secretary-General Ardiyanti Joyo

A no-nonsense career bureaucrat Ardiyanti was appointed to the post last year following the resignation of her predecessor Leo Yushing.

The Secretary-General has made it clear that her primary priority for her term is to address the ongoing effects of the detonation of the Weather Control Warhead at the end of the global conflict.

Great Powers

The Pan-Asian Cooperative

First to emerge from the Second Depression the economic powerhouse of the Cooperative is now the pre-eminent Power on Earth. The Cooperative spans from China through to the Middle East. The PAC has become increasingly aggressive in its rhetoric over the past decade as its burgeoning population seeks to expand into Russia.

Chairman Sun Li

The PAC Chairman is typical of a PAC official having come from a business background as CEO of the globe-spanning Lucky River corporation. He was paralyzed from the waist down after an assassination attempt in 2047, believed (though never proven) to have been orchestrated by the Russian government.

North America

The Depression brought about the collapse of American hegemony. Whilst the military forces of the USA remain formidable they now lack the economic backbone to support a significant conflict. Increasingly the region looks to the further reaches of Canada, searching for mineral wealth to sustain an industrial revival.

President Maria Batista

The recently elected president of North America, Batista has made no secret of her desire to re-establish American supremacy on the world stage. Recently her state department has made loud noises about reducing UN funding and pulling out of joint projects.

South Atlantic Bloc

The countries of South America and Africa form the loose coalition of the South Atlantic Bloc. During the Depression the bloc was coming closer to achieving economic parity with the other Powers but the catastrophic Quake of '32 ravaged the American nations whilst those in Africa have recently found themselves hard hit by the changing climate.

Talib Zuberi

A Nobel prize winning scientist turned politician, Dr Zuberi heads the South Atlantic Recovery Board. Although ostensibly focused on environmental and disaster recovery, the board acts as a talking shop for economic and military matters too, and its members exercise considerable authority within their governments.

Euro-Rus Union

The EU and Russian Federation combined in the late 2030's. It was hoped that a combination of Russian industry and European technical expertise would allow the old powers to regain their prominence on the global stage. Tensions between ERU and the PAC ultimately led to the Night of Falling Stars where most of the world's Satellite Networks were crippled or destroyed.

High Representative Tereza Novák

Young and brilliant, Ms. Novák is a talented diplomat who has done much to salve the wounds between ERU and the PAC since coming to office.

Publicly a great supporter of the ERU Space Agency, behind the scenes Tereza has done much to sway European support behind UNITED.

Oceanic Alliance

The Alliance stretches from South East Asia down to the traditional Oceanic region. The island nations have been hard hit by rising sea levels and their alliance is primarily focused around scientific exchange. A high speed undersea rail line has just been completed connecting the Philippines to Australia

Prime Minister Henry Watson - DECEASED

Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Watson is currently the most notorious figure within the OA due to his approval for the deployment of the WCW. Despite the potential environmental catastrophe, Watson credits his action as having stopped World War III before it started.

Update Turn 3

The Prime Minister of Australia was found dead at his desk, poisoned, and the government of Australia is completely without leadership.


The world of 2050 even more connected than our own, and in many respects geographical location is far less important than ideology. Whilst certain regions do tend more to certain schools of thought, each of the major groups possess supporters worldwide.


The technocrats are concerned with mankind's pursuit of technological progress and the opportunities that are offered by new ideas or discoveries. They range from gadget enthusiasts to singularity-seeking transhumanists.


The environmentalists are concerned with climate change, ecological preservation and geoengineering. Recent advances in weather control technology have brought a great deal of media attention to this cause.

Ethical Megacorporatists

Ethical Megacorporate thinkers (EMCs) want to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the global economy through the creation of robust conglomerate companies. Corporate interests suffered blow after blow in the Depression but those few which have survived now stand in a position to become true Mega-Corps, a thought exciting to some and terrifying to others. EMCs hold that the Mega-corp is an inevitable evolution for a truly modern economy, and that mankind will be served through establishing a synergy well-being and profit.

Militant Unifiers

In the wake of the recent brush with World War, many seek a final end to international strife and partisanship. The Militant Unifiers broadly support the creation of a single world government by whatever means necessary, and the creation of an armed force capable of enforcing global peace.

Memories of Midgard

The gods remember Midgard as a huge realm filled with small people. The mortals that dwelled in that realm were shaped as pale imitations of the gods themselves, their frail bodies suited to their brief lives. That said, rare mortals could possess strong arms and stout hearts proving them worthy of a place in the halls of Asgard.

The gods most favoured the northern lands of Europe, where the Bifrost touched Midgard and the weather and terrain most resembled the glory of Asgard. There they allowed themselves to be known to the mortals, that proper reverence be made to their might and occasional miracles be bestowed upon the fortunate. However the more inquisitive gods roamed the globe and there are few lands on Earth that are unknown to immortal eyes.


Deep within Midgard's oceans dwells Jormungand, spawn of Loki, a serpent grown large enough to stretch around the world. When the serpent squeezes the Earth in its coils the land shakes and buckles and when the beast rouses itself for battle at Ragnarok its rising will drown the world. The venom from Jormungand's fangs is said to be the most deadly of any creature, lethal enough even to kill the indomitable Thor.

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