Unless marked * each Quirk can only be taken once

Prophesied Fate (+/-)

Even though you are not now numbered amongst the greatest of the gods, your Fate at Ragnarok has already been cast in stone and will come to pass. Your prophecy is well known amongst the gods and may affect how you are perceived.

If taken as a positive quirk then it is known that you will be involved in a significant event or receive some good fortune during the battle.

If it is negative then you are fated to meet with dire circumstances.

Either way the prophecy should be just a single simple sentence.

For example:
(+) - I will be first to Freya's side when she falls and hear her dying words.
(-) - I will fall beneath the host of the dead.

N.B. Having a predetermined role at Ragnarok doesn't guarantee your survival up to the event. The forces of Hel will be present at the battle, so you may end up fulfilling your destiny from the other side of the grave.

Berserker (-)

In battle you lose yourself to savage madness. A red mist descends and you struggle to recognize friend from foe, let alone follow any complicated strategy.

Vice (-)

You have a tendency to indulge unwisely, whether in alcohol, wagers or lust.

...Killing Hundreds (-)

You're not one for fine control, whenever the opportunity for spectacular collateral damage comes up, you inevitably leave devastation and carnage in your wake.

Better When Drunk (+)

Alcohol may impair your judgement, but it has quite the opposite effect upon the rest of your faculties. Getting hammered hones your senses, strengthens your arm and gilds your tongue in silver. You may still regret your actions in the morning but at least you'll have performed them astoundingly well!

Teetotal (-)

You don't drink. This is a sign of weakness and cause for shame in Asgard, and you're likely to be mocked during feasts and subject to constant attempts to reform you of your 'bad habit'. Additionally you'll not have built up a tolerance to the potent beverages of the gods, so if you do somehow end up drinking some you're likely to fare no better than a lowly mortal.

Lousy Purview (-)*

You have an unusually narrow purview. Pick something that exists as a subset of one of the standard purviews- your divine powers are limited to this particular area.

Examples would be:

  • Skiing (Travel Purview)
  • Motherhood (Fertility Purview)
  • Fishing (Hunting Purview)

You may take this a second time if you have two purviews, in which case both will be unusually limited.

Favoured Disguise (+)*

With but a moment's concentration you can assume an alternate form. This could be an animal, or a member of another humanoid species, but in each case the form is specific: i.e. 'A black cat with green eyes and long white whiskers' rather than just 'any cat'.

Note that assuming an alternate form deprives you of your standard godly resilience so if you turn into a fly spiders become a serious concern.

This is a common gift amongst the gods and some are capable of assuming several forms.

Awful Prank (-)

At some point in the past you momentarily drew Loki's ire and he promised you'd come to regret it. Well now he lies chained beneath Midgard, and you're still untouched, so presumably all his threats came to naught….right?

Dramatic Flair (+)

You have an instinctive knack for the dramatic that ensures you are always seen as glorious in victory or magnificent in defeat.

Your role in events is more likely to be mentioned (and potentially inflated) in the news and minor npcs will be more impressed with your achievements.

Fear (-)

You have an overwhelming fear of something. It need not be commonplace but it should be something you would encounter from time to time (if you didn't go out of your way not to). Examples would include Absolute Darkness, Stormy Seas and Wolves.

Hi-jinx (-)

Sometimes an opportunity for mischief presents itself and you just can't resist taking advantage of it. Worse than this however, you don't like your cleverness to go unacknowledged; whilst carousing you're likely to let slip your involvement if others haven't worked it out beforehand.

Touched By Death (-)

Whether through curiosity or a desire to see a loved one again, you once attempted to cross the River Gjoll and enter Hel. You never crossed the river, but the waters have left their mark on you.


Excellent Horse (+)

The steeds of the gods are fine indeed and you possess a horse of commendable breeding. It might be exceptionally fleet of foot, fearless and powerful in battle or possessing a supernatural endurance.

Dwarf-forged Item (+)

You possess something crafted by the artisans of Svartalfheim. It could be a fine boat, a deadly weapon or stunning piece of jewelry. Tell us its name and how you came to possess such a treasure.

Great Hall (+)

Your hall is well regarded in Asgard and a fitting venue for feasts,festivities and councils of war. Hosting such events garners significant prestige for a thane and offers opportunities to gain the favour of the mighty.

Trinkets (+)

You have amassed a trove of trinkets, whether from raiding or trade, and are considered wealthy for a thane.

You can draw on your hoard up to 3 times, whether to trade with other thanes, barter with denizens of the other worlds, or purchase the assistance of the lesser asgardians to help with other tasks.

Midgard Cult (+)

Somehow, despite your obscurity and the passage of the years, you've managed to retain a small cult of devotees on Midgard. If you can get in contact with them they may be provide you with information and assistance on the human world.


Made a Wager (-)

Before the sleep of Asgard you made a public wager that you could achieve some impossible task. Should you fail then not only will you be a laughing stock, but you'll owe your opponent some boon or treasure.

Favour Owed (+)*

You are owed a favour by someone of considerable power or skill. Typically this would be one of the great gods of Asgard, but if you wish it may be someone else (though bear in mind their circumstances may have changed with the passing of millenia).

Companion (+/-)

You have a companion with whom you share a strong bond. This could be a friend, lover or family member.

If taken as a positive then your companion is a capable sort who can help you out with your problems.
If a negative quirk then your companion is the sort to bring trouble down on your head.

Link with the Chiefs (+/-)*

You have a connection to one of the Greater Gods.

This can be either a positive or negative relation- for example you might be a favored servant, able to trade on your mistress' influence. Alternatively you might be an unwanted bastard child, your presence bringing shame to your parent and angering their spouse.

Mistaken for Loki (-)

You have an unlucky face. You look a lot like one of Loki's many guises and you are often detained about your business by people suspicious that you might be the trickster god.

Legendary Figure (+/-)

Unlike most of the lesser Asgardians you are known to mankind through some legendary tale of your exploits. Anyone familiar with norse mythology will have heard of you and your reputed deed.

Let us know what the story is and whether it's true.

Exalted/Disgraced (+/-)

You are well known in Asgard, either for good or ill.

Good Neighbour (+)

Most of the gods are viewed as bullies or tricksters by the other non-human races. You however have a reputation for being fair in your dealings, and are likely to be better received by jotnar, dwarfs and elves alike.

Gameplay Quirks

"Smash me to the floor, Thor!"

You may take this quirk in addition to your other quirks and it does not count towards your positive or negative quirks.

Although the Nine Worlds are already a dangerous place, a god of Asgard can weather some hard knocks. It is possible that you might want a bit more of a challenge though, a higher difficulty setting - if you take this quirk, the GM team will make encounters across the Nine Worlds even more dangerous and even potentially more deadly for you.

We won't be squeamish about killing your character if appropriate and they will of course be able to go out in a spectacular and dramatic fashion. Even short of death, you'll be going away with more scratches and bruises and suffering the brunt of the dangers inherent in the world.

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