Character Advancement

Throughout the course of the game, your characters will grow and become more proficient in what they do, as well as being more renowned in the Nine Realms. This occurs at the end of every third turnsheet (i.e. 3, 6, 9 & 12) and is represented differently for Humans and for Gods.


A human character's new expertise are represented by them acquiring an extra skill point: this can be used to increase the skill level from Trained → Good → Excellent (with relevant specialisation), or to buy extra specialisations for any skill already at Excellent level. Those rare people with 3 or more specialisations in the same skill transcend the Excellent rank, and that skill is hence treated at the World Expert rank (equivalent to having a specialism for whatever you want to do within that skill). Only one skill can be at World Expert rank, but you may gain further specialisms in your other Expert skills. e.g. Commander Davidson is an Expert in Soldier (Close combat, Tank pilot) and Commander (Mechanised warfare, logistics). She uses a skill point to gain a specialism in Commander (Mass battles), making her a World Expert Commander. Later, she spends another point to get a further specialism in Soldier (Artillery). She cannot be a World Expert in Soldier, since she is already a World Expert Commander, but she can still buy further specialisms in Soldier when she gets more skill points.

The skill points can only be spent on skills and specialisations which are reflected in the player's actions in the last few turns. For example: if Lt. Thompson (An Excellent Soldier with a specialism in automatic firearms) has spent the last few turnsheets in cramped conditions fighting trolls to escape with her trapped squad mates; she could feasibly improve her Commander skill, or get a Close Quarters Combat specialisation for the Soldier Skill. She could not, however, get a Demolitions Expert specialism, or upgrade her Adminstration skill.

One final, but very important, note. An Inept rank represents a fundamental lack of talent on the part of the character. As such, you can NEVER use a skill point to cancel out an Inept rank.


Due to their nature, the gods aren't separated by what they know but rather by what they have achieved. As such, when a human character would take another skill point, a god character instead chooses one of their actions to spread throughout the Nine Realms in legend and myth and become an extra deed. These deeds are treated exactly like the one you chose in Character Creation; and could be something as momentous as defeating a Fire Giant in single combat, or as simple as causing the Goddess Freyja to weep at the sound of your poetry.

It has never been heard of for either the Purview or the Aspect of a god to change: it is seen as a static, eternal part of their being. To change it, would be to change what defines them; they would never quite be the same god. However Ragnarok is an unprecedented event, even for the immortal gods and if the world itself can be reborn why not a scion of Asgard?


Quirks, for both humans and gods can not be bought with points, but can only be attained through gameplay. For example, if you were attempting to gain the Rank quirk you might want to demonstrate to your superior officers the extent and depths of your talents. Conversely, being far too sure of yourself and far too eager to draw eyes towards you in the mead halls of Asgard could quickly garner you the Made a Wager flaw, which could hinder your progress later.

OOC Note: If you are specifically trying to gain a quirk, please tell the GMs so we understand your intentions.

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