The purview of a god is the area in which they may perform supernatural miracles. The miracles of the Asgardians are generally immediate and obvious, you will need to travel to where-ever you want use your power and then you will be able to effect whatever is within your sight.

Miracles themselves are by nature transient; using a Fertility miracle would improve a season's crops but not the next year's. A storm called down with the Weather purview would dissipate naturally once you left the region.

It is possible to take a second purview, however if you do so you must also select a third purview as a Bane. If you have two purviews you may use both in an action, combining their effects if it would make sense to do so. For example Weather and Water could create a colossal tsunami, whilst Hunting and Deception could convince your prey that you were completely harmless right up until you struck.


A Bane is a purview which causes you problems and may manifest as a permanent affliction, varied temporary effect or both - for example a god with a Fertility Bane might sometimes find themselves killing plants where-ever they step, and would be unable to conceive children, a Vigilance Bane might manifest in blindness or deafness. (If you have a specific idea of how a bane permanently affects your character, please let the GMs know!)

If your enemies are aware of your bane and specifically use it against you then they will have a massive advantage.

Note: Banes will always manifest in a negative way for your character and will not give an accidental benefit. A god with a Weather bane can't just wander into an enemy camp and bring bad weather with them. The effect will usually manifest at an unhelpful and inappropriate moment to affect them and only them.

Purview Options

For each purview we give a couple of examples of miracles you might perform with it.


  • Call down lightning from a storm.
  • Cloak an area in mist.
  • Bane - Being swallowed and marooned in a freak snowstorm when traveling through the wilderness.


  • Allow crops to grow on barren ground.
  • Ensure that a child is conceived from a sexual encounter.
  • Bane - Provisions spoil in your vicinity and plans wilt at your touch; unable to conceive children.


  • Grant your warriors strength and courage.
  • Make yourself a titan upon the battlefield.
  • Bane - You lose your nerve at the sight of battle and cannot bring yourself to raise a sword; fear of blood.


  • Spread good cheer to all who meet you.
  • Create enough food and drink to serve any number of guests.
  • Bane - People turn you away from the drinking halls and wine turns to water in your hands; inability to consume alcohol.


  • Disguise one object as another.
  • Render someone more susceptible to trickery.
  • Bane - You speak openly of intended treachery and prattle on about the most secret of plots.

Note that Deception won't allow you to assume someone else's form. At most you can make your own identity unclear.


  • Help someone achieve a 'eureka' moment.
  • Comprehend the meaning behind riddles, ciphers or portents.
  • Bane - Puzzles are unintelligible to you as you lead people down the wrong path with false wisdoms.

An Element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)

  • Ward yourself against flame.
  • Cause a fire to burn out of control.
  • Bane - Water burns your skin; when swimming, the very sea tries to strangle you.

Justice and Vengeance

  • Strengthen someone's arm against the one who has wronged them.
  • Give comfort to the victim of an injustice.
  • Bane - Fortune favours anyone who perceives themselves as your victim when they seek redress.


  • Maintain a watch without rest or pause.
  • Grant someone eyes sharp as a hawk's.
  • Bane - Not see a hidden enemy ready to strike from the shadows until it is too late; deafness or blindness.

Love and Companionship

  • Convey the strength of one person's feelings to another.
  • Assume the characteristics your target finds desirable.
  • Bane - Turn another's love for you to hate and not find your friend in time of great need.


  • Find tracks of a quarry's passing, whatever the terrain.
  • Identify a creature by its merest trace.
  • Bane - Never the hunter, ever the hunted, you are easily tracked but can never find the one hunting you.


  • Ensure favourable fortune upon a journey.
  • Find the quickest route to a location.
  • Bane - Wander for hours in circles, arriving always late and with misadventure.

OC Note: Because we like to preserve player's ability to interpret their character's mental life, then negative mind effecting powers will be significantly less effective on PCs than on NPCs, unless you are specifically targeting a Bane or Flaw they possess.


This is your most prominent personal attribute. Here are some examples of useful aspects:

  • Strong
  • Swift
  • Notable
  • Tough
  • Glib
  • Fast-talking
  • Eloquent
  • Cunning
  • Quick-witted
  • Pretty
  • Monstrous/Terrifying


Thor's Aspect is Strong. Whenever Thor takes an action that utilises his mighty strength then he's at an an advantage.


This is your greatest achievement. Often it is what you are best known for, though were it a particularly subtle deed others might be completely unaware of it.

Examples of deeds:

  • Traveling to Jotunheim to win Freyr his bride.
  • Knocking poison out of the hands of Odin.
  • Saving Thor during a reckless charge in battle.
  • Having fathered the King of Norway.
  • Stealing the eldest children of three kings.
  • Getting too deep in your cups and vandalising Thor's longboat.
  • Visiting Alfheim and tricking the Elves into giving you a magical tree.

You gain advantages in actions that reflect your deeds, so if Thor picked the deed: Caught Jormungand on his fishing line and dragged him to the surface of the ocean, then he could claim advantage on anything related such as fishing, fighting serpents and moving collosal weights.

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