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Home of the Vanir, the race of gods that was defeated by the Aesir a long time ago.


Little myth remains on Midgard that describes Vanaheim and the Vanir, but with the opening of the gate to Asgard has let some of the early rumours filter to the UNITED teams that have spoken to the Aesir.

Rumours of Trouble

Now that Asgard has awakened, there has been nothing heard of Vanaheim except dark rumours whispered by an adventurous serf or two who have since come. They speak of a land subjugated and ruled over not by the Vanir themselves, but giants. If this is true, then it is a worrying implication for the Vanir of Asgard.


Much is forgotten about Vanaheim and certainly little is know in Midgard, save that the ruling Vanir warred with the Aesir and lost.

To the Aesir more is known, for among their number are groups of Vanir, even those who once ruled in Vanaheim. From them it is known that two great Cities stand as proud jewels of the land. The Silver City of Virdar is full of the most fantastic halls, said by the Vanir to rival those of Asgard. Indeed the Vanir were famed for architectural magnificence and some claim that Odin had tasked them with the designs of Valaskjalf.

Across the valley is Hygrad, the Ruby City. A great fortress and home to the Vanir armies, it is the centre of martial excellence. Though the Aesir dispute the value of this given how they had won the war, few wish to acknowledge how much of a stalemate it had come to, and how truly impregnable the walls of Hygrad seemed.


The Vanir gods are almost unknown to the humans of Midgard and the Aesir care not for any but those that came over to Asgard with Njord, Freyja and Freyr.

Rumours of Magic

Even among the Aesir it was held that the Vanir were pre-disposed to wielding magic. Though none rivaled Odin or the Elves, it was still accepted that there were more Vanir that knew cantrips and spells than the Aesir.

Rumours of Beasts

It was said that the strongest boars were found in Vanaheim and many Vanir considered it a show of great prowess to hunt a boar. Darker rumours speak of a creature stalking the hills that is half man and half goat, that falls upon travelers with a piercing shriek.

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