The key inspiration for Ragnarok is Norse Mythology, particularly as described in the Eddas. Please note that you don't need to be familiar with this material to play- everything you need to know should be one this wiki, and anything not on this wiki may differ from the myth in our universe.

We are also taking a lot of inspiration from sources in contemporary media such as:

  • Marvel's Thor and SHIELD
  • Stargate SG1
  • XCOM

The Inevitability of Fate

It is a tenet of our game that the prophecies of Ragnarok will come to pass as they have been spoken. Your character can certainly believe that Ragnarok won't happen or that certain prophecised events can be averted, but OOC we want to be clear anything listed on this page will come to pass.

Does this mean that there's no way you can have any effect on how Ragnarok plays out? No! You can change how these fated events come to pass, and how things play out afterwards.

For example: It is Fated that the wolf Hati will swallow the moon, so you can't prevent this. However you could choose to plant a bomb on the moon to kill Hati from the inside, or perhaps a group could hide on the moon and once swallowed force the great wolf to regurgitate its meal.

Gods and Technology

Human technological development should come as a significant culture shock to the gods. When last they saw the people of Midgard their longships and tapestries were rude approximations of those owned in Asgard; nuclear submarines and 3D projections seem like potent strange magic.

The gods don't have the frames of reference to utilise the technological advantages that their human allies possess, and with Ragnarok imminent they likely don't have time to learn even if they wanted to.

If a god wants to dedicate effort to learning about one of these strange new artifacts, or a human wants to tailor a device to a particular god, then they can, but this will be exceptional.

Character Death

The Nine Worlds are dangerous places, particularly at these momentous times, and exploring them should be a challenge. Therefore PvE actions can have lethal results. The first time you put your character into a given lethal situation we will give a 'warning shot', injuring gods or killing human teammates. If you put yourself in that situation again without proper preparation and a good plan then your character may well die.

Whilst Ragnarok is primarily intended as a cooperative game, we fully expect a degree of PvP when player agendas collide. That said it is our preference that unexpected character death be minimised so we favour subtly thwarting your enemy's plans, or publicly challenging them, rather than resolving differences through assassination.

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