Inventing or refining new devices requires several steps, each taking at least one player action.


Research and/or Engineering Step(s)

Firstly you will need to spend one or more actions using Researcher and/or Engineer skills to make the prototype. Whether you require one or both of these skills depends on what you are making. More mechanical things will typically require only Engineer, while more cutting edge scientific breakthroughs will typically need Researcher. This step is the one in which you gather and use materials to construct your device. Additional skills may be useful or necessary depending on their relevance, for instance some kind of miraculous portable healing device to be deployed in the field would require some Medic skill.

Examples: Modifying a mech so that it is armed and combat capable may require only engineering, whereas creating advanced particle weaponry would require both research and engineering to find a method and then build the weapon.

Field Testing Step

Once the prototype is made to a final step is needed to create a complete product. U.N.I.T.E.D. requires the field testing of all new technology, which ensures it is stable and can cope with the stresses of use, and enables it to be refined. If this step is skipped, the new devices have a chance of acting up, doing something odd, or breaking while being used. Field test devices by utilising them in real world situations.

If you want help figuring out whether your device is feasible and/or how to go about making it then please email the GM team as soon as possible before turnsheet deadline for a response.


Doctor Rosales wants to try to create a performance enhancing serum based on samples of Jotun blood recovered from a recent expedition.

This requires an action of Research, and the Doctor decides that it will be wise to bring a skilled Medic on board as well, since they have more knowledge of the practical application of pharmaceuticals. With some persuading Doctor Chakwe is brought on board. Since they already have the blood samples, they don't need any additional components for the research step.

In system terms: Both Rosales and Chakwe spend a Major action on Research.

The action goes well and a prototype serum is produced. Next up is field testing, so Rosales talks with Lt. Gumble and he agrees to issue the drug to the unfortunate members of Squad 6 before their next mission, and sends one of her researchers along to record the effects. The researcher reports back that the serum significantly increased physical performance, but that Corporal Yankovich's inexplicable berserk rage, probably suggests that the dosage needs fine tuning.
Doctor Rosales makes the necessary tweaks and declares the serum ready to go!

In system terms: Both Rosales and Gumble spend a Major action on Field Testing.

Gods and Technology

The PC faction of Gods will have no experience of modern day technology at game start, and as such will find it difficult to operate, let alone invent advanced devices. If your concept involves playing a God and interacting heavily in the creation of technology then please contact the GM team to see if it is feasible.

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