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 ====== Ragnarok Prophecies ====== ====== Ragnarok Prophecies ======
-This page will return shortly.+All the events detailed below //will// come to pass.  See the **[[style_guide#The_Inevitability_of_Fate|Style Guide]]** for more information. 
 +===== Before Ragnarok===== 
 +  *Midgard suffers 3 winters without a summer. 
 +  *The people of Midgard fall into discord and strife. 
 +  *Three Roosters crow to announce the beginning of Ragnarok: 
 +    *Fjalar crows in the forests of Jotunheim. 
 +    *Gullinkambi crows from atop Valhalla. 
 +    *Víðópnir crows in the halls of Hel. 
 +  ***[[:earth#Jormungand|Jormungand]]** writhes furiously drowning the lands of Midgard beneath the waves. 
 +  *The earth quakes. Every bond shatters which frees **[[:asgard#Fenrir|Fenrir]]**. 
 +  *Heimdall blows the Gjallarhorn calling Asgard to war. 
 +===== During Ragnarok ===== 
 +  ***[[muspellheim#surt|Surt]]** rides forth with a blazing sword leading a host from Muspellheim. 
 +  *Sinmara((a giantess of whom little is known, save that Surt is her paramour)) follows in his wake with the army of Niflheim, freezing the ground and ensuring nothing will grow back. 
 +  *The children of Fenrir, the wolves Skoll and Hati, swallow the sun and the moon.  
 +  *Loki and his brother Byleistr lead the armies of Helheim into battle as they arrive on the ship Naglfar. 
 +  *Tyr faces Sinmara and she is cut down by the giantess, to be swallowed by the helhound Garm. 
 +  *Thor kills Jormungand, then dies from the World Serpent's poison. 
 +  *Loki and Heimdall kill each other. 
 +  *The valkyrie Kára and Thrud((a daughter of Thor)) chase down and fight Skoll and Hati. 
 +  *Fenrir swallows Odin. 
 +  *Vidar ((a daughter of Odin, known for her quiet strength)) rips open Fenrir's jaws. 
 +  *Freyja leads the dead of Folkvangr and routs the army of Muspellheim. 
 +  *Hermod ((a son of Odin who once journied to Helheim to attempt Baldur's return)) will be slain by Hel. 
 +  *Baldur returns from Helheim to reconcile with his brother **[[:asgard#Hodr|Hodr]]**. 
 +  *Surt kills Freyja and Freyr. 
 +  *Surt's fires burn the nine worlds. 
 +  *Frigg strives to defend Asgard from its enemies and dies upon her throne. 
 +  *The leader of the Jotnar will be crushed to death as Jotunheim burns. 
 +===== Aftermath ===== 
 +  *A new abundant world rises from sea. 
 +  *Some gods survive or are reborn.   
 +  *A mortal woman 'Lif' and her lover have survived hiding in 'Hoddmimir's Holt'((a location as yet unknown to god or man)).  Their progeny will repopulate the world. 
 +  *Gods and man live together.
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