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Andr is a little known god of wisdom originally hailing from Vanaheim. He has not been seen in Asgard since shortly after the gate opened and his whereabouts since are known to few, if any. He first encountered U.N.I.T.E.D. after a great battle at Ragnarok, where he was seen tending to the wounded on the battlefield.

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Shortly after the upheaval of Ragnarok had calmed down, and his successful wedding, Andr Mathews and his wife, Theresa Mathews, set off from Tyr's Holt. Many stories are still told from this time of their travels through the 13 Realms on board the great walking boat, Storrbatr. Each realm, city, or village has its own set of tales, but they all have one common thread: the compassion and curiosity of the two gods who traveled through sharing their ability to help others, and asked for nothing but memories in return.

After many years of travel, the pair decided to return to Tyr's Holt and, at last, settle down there. Andr's teaching hospital, set up in the first months of Tyr's Holt, blossomed under his leadership. It is in no small part to his help, and the schools of bright young doctors he inspired, that Tyr's Holt grew into such an established inter-world hub.

Andr could not forever resist his wanderlust, and after leaving the hospital in the hands of his most brilliant student, and daughter Heidrun, he once again set out to travel the realms. But it is not completely as it was before, Andr now had a loving wife and children to return to: something that he could call home for the first time that would pull him back. His modest house, in an enviable district of the city, is kept full of life by his children: first born were the twins Tyr and Heidrun, a 'gift' from the ex-Queen of Asgard Jorunn; followed by the younger siblings Leif, Alvis and Vali.

Those who visited their house would find it filled with trinkets and mementos from the travels through the years. Each with its own memories and stories to the happy couple, and taking pride of place on the mantle piece in the centre of the house is a small, Dwarven puzzle box.

“Many of us have fond memories of our times being taught in Tyr's Holt Teaching Hospital, myself among them. His words and demonstrations were always an inspiration to us, and we could not have grown as much as we could as doctors, people, and a community, without them. I hope that within these pages you may find some small part of that same wisdom…”

An Excerpt from Heidrun Mathews' forward to Medicine of the Realms 2nd Edition, by Andr Mathews

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