Andreas Christiansen - James C [DEAD]

Prince Andreas Christiansen of Denmark is a young, affluent, well-educated and well-connected man, best known for being heir to the Danish monarchy, as well as being on the board of Omni Resource Extraction (ORE), a Fortune 15 company based in the Euro-Rus Union. With impeccable dress sense, he is always a distinctive character at U.N.I.T.E.D. meetings, and is one of the chiefs on their diplomatic mission to Asgard.

Of course, his place within U.N.I.T.E.D. is strictly separate from any of his business dealings, and any stories to the contrary are completely unfounded. He will, of course, be happy to hear about any business proposals that anyone might wish to put forward to him, but these will not be associated any of his work in Asgard and beyond. He also wishes people to know that rumours about family problems back home in Denmark are utterly false.

Email: andreas


The death of Gertrude, queen of Denmark and editor of Vogue, ended that line and Denmark chose one of the members of the world government to be their figurehead. Many Danish people felt this was a let-down, and talked about the glamorous and well-dressed Prince Andreas, who died so tragically while trying to fight a dracolich. No matter how often they were told the truth about his crimes, he was still a much-loved figure in his own country.

From time to time she would remember her upcoming wedding, and cackle horribly, and stalk over to her Hall, where she would find a wedding dress, a different one each time - the only limit was her imagination, and it knew no bounds when it came to her own disguises. She struggled to remember who she was marrying - Baldur came to mind, as did Dagrun, but sometimes she had vague thoughts of a blond man in a suit who carried a walking cane. She vaguely thought she might find him when she got out, and then she remembered his death and giggled horribly.

HORATIO was used as a vessel for Beta until it became simply too old and obsolete, whereupon Olivia sent it down to Kopr, who could usually find a use for old robots for his people to possess. One of the old souls which had crossed the Gjoll shortly after Ragnarok was just starting to form a personality for itself, and it posseessed HORATIO and seemed to enjoy being inside the robot body. If Kopr suspected who it had once been, he never said anything, but he was happy for it to keep the name Horatio.

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