Anthony Raffles - Chris V [DEAD]

Anthony J. Raffles (known to friends and colleagues as Raffles or Raff) is CBRE (Chief Business Relations Executive)of Fortune 15 company Midgard Industries. Midgard Industries is a major contributor to the ITP project and Raffles was appointed as liason to UNITED from the company. His skills make him most suited to diplomatic missions, organisation and R&D.

He is assigned to Team Kraken in the Diplomatic division.



Having been fortunate enough to die following the purification of the Gjoll, Anthony Raffles soul was stripped of its worldly concerns and given a moment of perfect insight that ensured its contentment for the rest of time. He was not forgotten by those left behind, the goddess Osk worked from the shadows to ensure that his killers each suffered misfortune across the years for their part in his death.

Following Anthony Raffle's death in the bowels of Svartalfheim, Midgard Enterprises was subjected to intense scrutiny at the orders of President Vaughan. Based on an informant's testimony many members of Raffles' cult were rounded up and blamed for the recent TITAN suit attacks, however when the true story came to light the Midgard Enterprises cultists were released without further charge, though not without scrutiny from the World Government.

Under the guidance of Raffle's father, Edward, Midgard Enterprises continued to leverage their vast resources for world influence. In the turbulent wake of President Vaughan's removal from power, they helped to stabilize the globe, and as the dwarves began to settle Danforth the lucrative trade partnership's arranged by Raffles began to bear fruit.

Extract from a review of the 'Heirs of Loki' hologame

…another stinker from Historicraft Studios. For what is supposed to be a game based in reality they have taken some truly shocking liberties with the truth. I mean lets just look at the character of Anthony Raffles, the actual heir of Loki. As anyone who's studied the period at all will know, Raffles was a businessman and politician, but clearly the developers couldn't work out how to make that interesting, so instead we get this ludicrous depiction of Raffles as some sort of corporate ninja, actually breaking into his rivals bases to steal their secrets or even running extraction missions. Obviously this gameplay makes sense once you actually gain Loki powers, but by that point your suspension of disbelief is already completely shattered…

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