Api the Fool - Chris R

The Origins of Api the fool are unknown - none know who his parents are or from where in Asgard he Heralds. Upon the day of a feast in Odin's court, he simply appeared on a breath of summer air, and began to jest. Decked in the classic jester's outfit, he is welcome in most Halls due to his quick wit and silver tongue, able to make those about him roar in laughter, or let slip a tear. Yet beyond simple jesting, his words often have a mythic quality to them, only seen by a few; his wisdom is sound, and advice sought after. He has long been known as a man of his word, and while his insults may sting, he has never been known to stab another in the back. Many of his quirks are considered strange by the standards of the other gods - he refuses to drink (to do so would impair his art: the show must go on!) and it is virtually unheard of for him to be seen in battle - yet he is welcomed for his other talents. Well known in Asgard, others often seek his skill - be it to jest in a hall, to advise with a love poem, or give council when the fate of the many rests on one's shoulders.

Email: api@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com

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