Arnlaug - Maria M


Daughter of Kópr and twin sister of Harald she grew up to be different from most Asgardians having little to no interest for battles, drinking and the other past times of the common god. However she was always attracted by knowledge. Like the greeks had the humans Archimedes, Aristotle, Plato, Pitagora, Euclid, she tried to bring knowledge to the North. Most of that knowledge was useless in battles, thus uninteresting to the other gods. Thus this knowledge was mostly kept for her own amusement and satisfaction of her curiosity. However her endeavours were not unknown to the gods. Her experiments would sometimes end up in massive explosions, one of which the gods still talk about. The one that obliterated an entire neighbourhood of Asgard, well, at least she got rid of all the rats and a new nicer neighbourhood took it's place. However the explosion was not without consequences, Arnlaug losing her eyesight because of it.


After the events of Ragnarok Arnlaug married Jaegar King of Asgard. Together they set up the Asgardian secret service which according to most rumors owed much of it's early success to the Queen itself.

During this time Arnlaug also mastered the final stages of the magics of Vanaheim and Niflheim leaving her bound by fate and inaction. When combined with her mastery of the magic of muspellheim as well however this left her able to perceive the flows of fate and time in a way unique in all the worlds. As the first year of her marriage came to an end the Queen felt restlessness stirring within her as an overwhelming desire to change to become something new and different overwhelmed her. Leaving Asgard her body burst into flames as she was reborn as something new, something different.

Time flowed strangely to Arnlaug now and she found she could step through like walking across a field finding herself at one moment in the distant future whilst in the next back in the days when the Norse still worshiped the Asgardians as gods. She found herself enacting change upon what she found hard as the weight of fate and the unmoving Niflheim weighed down upon her. Life could still be experienced though in all the variations it had ever existed in.

A thousand lifetimes were lived as she was reborn in a different time with a different face only to be reborn again. Eventually she would return to Asgard to see her loved ones but would never again be recognized as Queen Arnlaug that fate sacrificed for a greater one. It is said she wanders still although no one knows what face she currently wears of what plans she currently makes.

Arnlaug looked around her as time spread out in all it's glory. Around her people walked seemingly unaware of the threads of fate which entangled them all as they moved. Taking a step she wandered casually forward watching the buildings crumple around her and eventually even the light in the sky wither and die.

As she carried on walking she wandered if this time she might eventually get to the end. It had not happened yet something new always seemed to crop up. Once she had run forward for months ages flashing by before getting bored and turning around to return to the times she knew best. This time though, this time felt different perhaps she would finally get to a place and be able to walk no further. Smiling she wandered what it would look like to gaze over the end of the world.

Shiv peered over the edge of the portal at the blazing inferno encompassed within the Dyson's sphere. He briefly glanced over at his companion a waiflike figure who went by the name of Arnlaug. Fire gods could be seen outside basking in the radiance which would have killed any other whilst at the very centre lay the eye Azimuth, the giant diamond brain of the sector overlord.

He turned and addressed his companion. “Are you sure this is a good idea I mean he's not nice but what can we possibly do.” Arnlaug merely turned around with an impish grin before raising a hand and smashing it upon the glass somehow fracturing it in a single blow as they were suddenly pulled outward into the void.


Pulling The Threads

Your mastery has now reached the level where you may temporarily change the fate of another being although your own fate is still forever hidden from you.

Out of Time

With a moments thought the practitioner can remove themselves entirely from the flow of time. They stay in the moment at which they removed themselves until they decide to step back into the flow of time.

During this period the practitioner can move around the spatial world observing things but may not change anything. They must however return to their original spatial location when they decide to reenter the flow of time.

The practitioner may if they wish take one thing they can see (including people) with them out of time and these things can interacted with and changed but they must all return together. Being out of time is unnatural for those not of Niflheim however so the world starts to rebel and you can only maintain this spell on others for a finite amount of time.

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