Brynjolf - Shaun M

The illegitimate child of Freyr conceived during a moment of weakness in the lands of Alfheim and raised in exile. Little positive is known of the outcast as very few ever catch sight of him unless he wishes it. Brynjolf was treated poorly by the judgemental Asgardians for his strange nature, origin and claims of tracking down Vedfolnir, surely an impossible task…



“Ah, but Brynjolf, he was possibly the most powerful elf to walk the Worlds. His power over the very fabric of reality was almost unstoppable - I am truly glad to have known him.” - The Great Alfheim Dragon, Curunthir.

“Brynjolf was mad but brilliant. Nobody should ever have wielded that much power! Nobody! The body and the mind just isn't built to take it, but somehow he did… I changed frequently from respecting him and being completely and utterly perplexed by him, but in the end I believe that to be a quality only the greatest Archmages are able to acquire…” - Archmage Raenor, speaking at a memorial service for Professor Brynjolf.

Having been pardoned for every crime he committed, Brynjolf was a key component of the Extrapol wing keeping an eye on Alne. With such turnaround in Queens of late, it was almost expected that Astrid would go missing - especially with suspicion over Elessar - but nothing such occurred. Eventually, Alne returned to normality and stability and Brynjolf left once more to wander the worlds, marrying the beautiful Rhinemaiden Flosshilde.

It was allegedly Brynjolf that managed to persuade the great and terrifying dragon, Curunthir, back to Alfheim. In dark armour with glowing eyes, he led the great dragon up the Bifrost and to the decontaminated world he had once called home. From there, he was not seen again for many years until he surfaced as the most powerful Archmage Alfheim had ever seen, power coursing through his full existence. His mastery of all the magics was something even the great Archmages could not replicate and it was with this power that he helped train agents and work for the Vanaheim Intelligence Agency. Never using the power for wrongdoing, it seemed, he lectured periodically at the University of Virdar where he earned a Professorship in Elven Magic.

It was there, however, that he was eventually captured. By the efforts of Extrapol and Interpol, it had been discovered that he had systematically kidnapped numerous monarchs across Midgard and fed them to the dragon in exchange for Magic. He was placed under arrest, but fought back. An enormous and impressive magical duel erupted in the quads of the University, with Brynjolf firing hundreds and hundreds of magic missiles at his would-be captors, flying into the air to duel with Sannast and others as the worked to capture him until eventually his magic tired and his shield weakened momentarily - enough for the strength of numerous gods of battle to smash through him, break open the armour and it was then that he exploded with magic, phasing out of existence in a bang.

His mastery of magic is not forgotten, though, and a statue was created out of his armour in the Magic Department of the University, which students to this day touch before exams to bring them good luck.

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