Col. Dmitri Voronov - Cameron A [DEAD/MISSING]

Head of the infamous XS - 42 special response unit, he commands both the main in field squad as well as a group of experts with him from the U.N.I.T.E.D headquarters. Trained both in field combat as well as tactical expertise, he leads XS - 42 through every mission U.N.I.T.E.D has.



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… and I've also been doing a little bit of research. Now, you know me as a bit of a history buff, but I don't usually delve into the Ragnarok period at all. It was only a century ago and feels too recent to get a proper hold of. Still, I came across some really interesting material on an ERU soldier - a Colonel Dmitri Voronov. It looks like he was part of UNITED at the time and, in fact, commanded the XS-42 unit.

Interesting stuff already - he was apparently a top expert on command, diplomacy and special-mission deployment and was involved with a lot of UNITED's key operations following the opening of the portal. He commanded during the mission to Jotunheim, peacekeeping during the famine of 2051, early operations against Dr Maxwell. All of this is absolutely fascinating stuff - he was clearly a key figure right through the fighting on Vigrid. But then he suddenly disappears! Vanishes.

Still apparently listed as MIA/KIA on official UNITED record. I think there are a good few posts in all the documents and info I've got, so I'll be going through it and putting it up. All the best bits - just for you all!

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