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Study with a Long View

From a seminal work by the Elf Lossir Valadar, on the subject of Grand Ambassador Elessar, produced in the 34th year of Queen Lissen's rule

… Grand Ambassador, Extrapol representative for Alfheim, Head of the Royal Guard, Foreign Minister, Chief Internal Liaison Officer, Personal Advisor to the Queen, Baker of Cakes, the list really goes on. Throughout his lifetime a great deal was heaped upon the plate of Elessar. Indeed, though most previous treatise asserted that Elessar consciously sought every title that he acquired, it seems that the nature of his work and service to Alné was gravely misunderstood. Having made study of extensive documents from the royal archives by the permission of Queen Lissen, I have been able to bring new knowledge and perspective on Alné during the early days of the city's exile.

Chief among the architects of the city's success was in fact Elessar. The documents reveal and extensive and keen knowledge of all matters pertaining to the city, and the keen support of Queen Nerwen and Queen Astrid and even (though it seems after some time) King Consort Robert. I aim, in this work, to rehabilitate the memory of Elessar Elensar as a tireless servant of Alné, who spared no time for personal matters, but poured his all into the functioning of our beloved city.

Gridgard Guard

”Organisations of Vanaheim and Alné: A Brief History” (Midgard Hallis Press, 2092) - An excerpt

The Guard, conceived by Ambassador Elessar Elensar, has kept the Queen safe for several decades following unfortunate events leading to the death of two Elven Queens in quick succession. The Guard, made up of veteran soldiers from Gridgard and trained by General Halstein, are a true force to be reckoned with. Thwarting numerous attempts on the Queen's life, they have stood as a testament to the determination of the Elves and the long-standing alliance and agreements between Alfheim and Gridgard. Of the elite fighting units across the Worlds, this is one of the few which has been dedicated to its narrow purpose and remained largely unchanged since the time after Ragnarok.

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