Eric - David F

The God of knitting, Eric's most notable ability seems to be contriving to look short despite his godly stature. Often seen hanging around Thor, it is a mystery what the thunder God sees in him.

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In the weeks following the days of Ragnarok, there was much celebration, many moved on and forwards, ushering in the new future. For Eric however, one mystery still nagged him, gnawing at him at every waking moment. How did Lamb defeat him in the drinking contest? His mind full of conspiracies and theories, Eric set off to find the truth for himself. Lamb, of course, wove his own path through history, and his himself away until his return, however after many months of following up leads and searching far and wide, Eric came upon the truth in one of Barney's old labs. Nanomachines.

With evidence of the despicable fraud, of having machines break down the booze so it was ineffective, Eric sought out the great gods of justice, and did not rest until he had called them together. He made his case before his peers, and was victorious. Once again Eric stood, the greatest drinker of Asgard, and the halls were merry that night.

The tale of Eric did not end here however, for this obsession of his was rivalled only by his curiosity into the Midgardian science he had dabbled in. When his new friend, the nanoswarm he named HUNGRY eventually left with Finnfrodr to explore space, Eric went to seek out new company. He took to the labs and places of learning of Midgard, spiking the waters with ale and then arriving victoriously to recruit more allies. These parties were hit and miss, on occasion he was forced away as a menace, however over the years he managed to collect a close knit selection of scientists who shared his passion. Throughout he served Jaeger, Asgard and Midgard, and did his utmost to protect them, particularly his frail friend Akrskald, to whom the King bid him lend a strong arm.

“…and now could you please turn to page 346 and we shall read from there”
The professor spoke in the most dull tone imaginable, and the students sighed inwardly as the quiet was broken for a split second as the sound of turning pages filled the room. Anything for a slight break in the monotony. 6:34 and the work was to continue long into the evening, the board seemed to sway in and out of focus as the professor droned on and on. In fact, the entire room began to swim. A student began to hiccough as another fell off their chair. A future test would reveal the students drinks had been in fact swapped for some incredibly potent yet tasteless alcohol, but for now it was quite the confusion. A man, nay a god strode into the room, dressed from head to toe in woollen wear that was somehow both stylish and garish. The professor began to yell at him for disrupting, however Eric cut him off. “How dare you, how dare you trick these poor youths with your so called “Science”? I Eric, who have amassed far more academic titles than can ever be known or stated at once, do proclaim you to be an impostor! A true servant of glorious SCIENCE would never bore their people to death while there was RESEARCH and ADVENTURE to be had. STUDENTS! You have a chance. Remain here in this foolish lecture, or come with me for true GLORY!” He lead a horde out of the room, and by the night another 30 woollen uniforms were made for Eric's newest companions.

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