Gwen 'Coeus' Augustine - Jenny W [DEAD]


“Today we are doing blood sample work. I know we did this last week, using the standard textbook, but today we're going to use something a little more advanced - the notes left by Dr Gwen Augustine, the most notable scientist of her day and certainly the leading expert in mythological blood. I must ask, before we begin, that nobody attempts to take anything from this lesson home. The works left by Dr Augustine are among the most notorious in UNITED - if ever there was forbidden knowledge, this is it. Not because of her subject matter, but because - yes, I see some of you are nodding - because of her crimes, which many of you will cover in History lessons when you discuss the rise and fall of the queen of Hel.” Special class at UNITED - Advanced Level.

“The influence of Coeus Augustine can be seen in the world today. The vast majority of the souls you meet in Gridgard were once dwarven souls, torn from the Hall of the Dead in Svartalfheim against their will by Coeus. Ilmari only told Kopr how to defeat Hel after witnessing her betrayal of Coeus and fearing he would meet the same fate. Demotte's love for Coeus is widely considered to be an important reason for his crimes against the other worlds.” From Notable Figures From Ragnarok, by Dr J. Rayne

“May the wrath of Coeus fall upon your Hall!” Old dwarvish curse

Coeus served her purpose. I can't understand all the fuss afterwards.

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