Húðþurs - James C

A mysterious blue-tinged stranger.

Email: hudpurs@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com


“A most magnificent statue of an ice giant. The University of Virdar paid a large sum for it, I hear. This is to adorn the front quad, to replace the statue of Brynjolf which our elven students will not stop defacing.”

“This one was brought all the way from Niflheim, where it was found beside the well, positioned where it could watch the floating form of Sinmara. There were apple trees planted all around it - a lovely and poetic touch, though we don't quite understand what this signifies. Anyway, as a sign of respect, we intend to plant apple trees in a little garden around the statue, hopefully so the rest of the Faculty don't have to watch the students making out in the quad on warm evenings.”

“General notice for all students: this is the third time this week that someone has draped their college colours around 'Henry', as we believe the statue in the quad is colloquially known. Can this please stop. It confuses our Niflheim visitors.”

“Aetta and Finnfrodr dropped by earlier and were shocked. Apparently 'Henry' is somebody they used to know, called Hudpurs, who turned himself into a statue in order to get high level magic. No, I don't know who'd do something like that either? Must have been a very odd man, uh, ice giant. Mind you - in a way, this is eternity. I mean, he's adored by generation after generation of undergraduates. More than a few of the current ones say they were conceived up against Henry on warm evenings.”

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