Dr Jeffrey 'Metis' Rayne - Peter S

A talented anthropologist, recently recruited into U.N.I.T.E.D's XS42 unit after a number of years 'off the grid'

Email: jeffrey_rayne@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com


From The Chronicles of Ragnarok, by Hanaar Dorfsson

Metis, probably the best known of the former members of XS-42, and probably the one who gave the most to the worlds as a whole. His saga of Ragnarok forms the basis of much of the information in this book, since it tells the tales with masterful skill, yet it is still utterly precise to the facts, with nothing embellished for dramatic effect. Following the defeat of Demotte and Thorpe, where the saga ends, Metis continued his work with UNITED. Together with Lelantos and Sandraudr, he worked on rehabilitating the souls who had undergone the horrific conversion to Hellhounds, making sure that those who did not join Lelantos' XS-Titan squad (more commonly known as the Wolf Pack) found gainful employment elsewhere.

With that work done, and with the various crises that arose dealt with, Metis eventually left his post at UNITED, and began to search out his own path to immortality. On arriving an New Valhalla and requesting fruit from the tree, he was surprised to be informed that it would not be necessary. It seems that one of the Valkyries had recognised the potential in him shortly after the gate opened, and as such he reencarnation as one of the honoured dead was already certain. With this knowledge, the man who had contributed so much to uniting the worlds finally chose one to settle down in, joining Sandraudr in Gridgard, following a grand wedding in the Asgardian tradition. While his scholarly writings continued, and he was still available for any diplomatic tensions that arose between the worlds, eventually he managed to settle into something approaching a domestic existence.

Transmission received by all former members of XS-42, dated 23 July 2274

“I've found something. I can't say what it is right now, but I'm going to need a diplomat, a scout, and someone to help me understand some new races. If you guys want to get the band back together, there'll be a void ship waiting for you at Isla de Corvo in two weeks. - Prometheus”

Metis never went to meet the ship at Isla de Corvo. His granddaughter Gwen, however, had been tutored in diplomacy and understanding of other races from a young age, and leapt at the new challenge.

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