A Vanir of the sea, Kópr is well-known for being a Vanir spy during the Aesir – Vanir War and for creating the Moat of Virdar, filled with icy Niflheim waters. Even though he eventually followed Njörð in Asgard and has proven to be a valued advisor to Gywyn, he is still mistrusted by many Aesir for his deeds during the War. He is blind, having lost his eyesight while swimming the cursed Gjoll river, and always keeps his withered eyes covered with a strip of white cloth. Kópr can shape-shift into a seal and it is said that he once visited the coasts of Midgard, aiding the people and courting lovely maidens as a Silkie. His name means both ‘Seal’ and ‘He-Who-Stares’, which is ironic, considering his blindness.

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Kopr went down in history as the leader of Gridgard and the leading force behind its transformation into a major trading power and world stage. His treaties, ultimately with all the other realms, led to Gridgard becoming the leading trading centre of the Thirteen Worlds, sitting as it does in the roots of both the World Tree and the World Mountain. Though the Gjollerbridge is every bit as dangerous as the Bifrost for the unwary traveller, this peril was lessened by the forces Kopr set to guard the way, aiding all explorers and trading parties to reach their destination safely. Perhaps most notably of all, Kopr eventually managed to create trade agreements with the frost and fire giants, and Niflheim and Muspelheim ultimately took their rightful place as trading partners of the other worlds.

To add to his necromancy skills, Kopr learned the magics inherent to both Niflheim and Vanaheim, learning only the basic levels so as not to lose his essential nature through too many sacrifices. He always intended to learn more, once Gridgard could be left for others to rule, but unfortunately every time it looked as though things were settling down news of new trade agreements would emerge and he would get distracted saving Gridgard again.

Kopr was always proud of his children Harald and Arnlaug, and his clone-child Vánburr, who was hatched from his incubation tank shortly after Kopr became ruler of Gridgard. Vánburr spent much of his time on long trips away visiting Midgard, Asgard, Jotunheim and Vanaheim, experiencing both life and death, and meeting his Uncles Jaeger, Kurteisliga, Gideon and Andr, his Aunts Grace and Theresa, and his siblings. Vánburr’s time as Princip of Vanaheim is remembered fondly by all for his wise leadership, close links with the other realms, and constant pestering of ‘Uncle Kurt’ and ‘Dad’ about magic and relationships.

Kopr has plans to attend a fantastic party thrown by Volundr, shake the hands of his ministers and explain that it was an honour, check Hel’s trap one last time and then take a relaxing swim in the Gjoll. He has said he hopes to be remembered kindly. In several thousand years, he might find the time to enact these plans; for now, he is probably sitting on the Gjollerbridge drinking Vanir cocktails and yakking on to Modgud and her new husband Fenrir. One might think he is enjoying a peaceful retirement; in fact, he is snowed under with work and is hiding from the Midgardian delegation who want to talk about subsection 3(4) of clause 7 of the Regulations Concerning Soul Transfer.


“This isn't going to be as bad as the sacrifice for the second tier, is it?” Sandraudr asked, horror in her eyes. “I didn't realise necromancy was so cruel.”

Kopr sighed. “Tying a bag of live cats over a fire is nothing compared to what we've got to do if you really want this,” he said heavily. “I learned from Alkhild and every step of the way she tortured more cats to give me my powers. The Tier Three sacrifice was the worst - at least in the bag I couldn't see their agony.”

Sandraudr went quiet for a moment, then said: “Tell me what we have to do.”

Kopr told her.

Sandraudr stood up, her chair flying back. “No,” she declared decisively. “No. Not for a power I don't want to use. Not for the power to mangle souls and weaponise the energies released. Not to take one step closer to becoming Hel.”

She reached down and picked up the smallest kitten. It mewed helplessly in her grasp and reached out its paws towards her.

“I'd never do that to you,” Sandraudr said fiercely. “Never.”


Letter One

Dear Sandruadr

Thank you for the cushions. They are making my nest much more comfortable. Such a shame Kopr came and got his duvet back. It was soft and it smelled like him – kind of sweet, like rotten flesh. So sexy.

Thank you also for persuading the Midgardians that cancelling Hollyoaks would be a very bad idea. I'm not saying I would have released Hel had this happened, but I am sure I could have thought up something equally unpleasant. Dear little Mia has put Gridgard on her worlds wide web, so we are able to stream Channel 4 into our Hall and watch Hollyoaks all day every day. Not only is this extremely entertaining, it's also a great way to get rid of Volundr, who keeps sniffing around just waiting for me to screw up and betray Kopr in an obvious fashion.

Weren't Kopr's feelings for me interesting. I expected the distrust – so much of it, really, Kopr, I'm hurt - and I suppose I'm pleased he finds me entertaining. He's only got himself to blame for the frustration though – wanting to grab me by the throat and slam me against the wall every time I make the slightest little betrayal must be so infuriating for him.

You said yourself it might take a couple of millennia to rehabilitate me, and that Kopr is only willing to act on his desire for me once I'm redeemed. I know Kopr's patient, but I'm not sure he's that patient. I suspect if I ever get to be what you consider a 'good person' Kopr will have long since jumped into the Gjoll and become a happiness bubble. Any chance you could persuade him to tie me down and have me before then? Say, sometime in the next week? I mean, look at Flosshilde and Brynjolf. He's a murderer and she's a drug dealer and they're at it like rabbits.


Letter Two

Dear Kopr

I feel, given your feelings, I should let you know Ilmari is not really redeemed. Volundr's vengeance purview tingles every time the two of them meet. Given that this is the case, I feel you may be making a grave mistake in allowing relations between the two of you to become so intimate. I worry about you waking up with literal, rather than metaphysical, knives in your back.


Letter Three

Dear Sandraudr

Patience has its limits.


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