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Dr Melody Mathers is a polite medic from the USA who you may recognise from the world-famous photograph after the disaster in 2049, depicting her at work in one of the worst-hit areas, or from some GPI propaganda. She seems a bit shy of this reputation, and much more interested in doing her job.

Email: melody_mathers@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com


Teacher's notes from a World History essay, written Nov. 2089

Evelynr, whilst I admire the amount of effort you've obviously put into this piece, I'm afraid that the conclusions you've drawn are entirely unsupportable. Let's look at them shall we:

  • Firstly that Dr Mathers was involved in high level Interpol busts of the notorious Greenlight Syndicate
  • Secondly that Dr Mathers was on speaking terms with the infamous god Loki
  • Thirdly that Dr Mathers was involved with occultism and even human sacrifice

Now I admit that this was an interesting change from the rest of the class' research investigating Dr Mather's work on the Asgardian genome and the subsequent development of the cancer cure, but this is a work of fiction. Several of your references are from sources that were straight out refuted by World Government investigators, and as to your claim that you contacted Dr Mather's and she confirmed your accusations; please remember Evelynr that assuming somebody's identity on the Worldsweb doesn't take a great deal of effort.

Next time remember that rigour in your analysis is infinitely more important than sensationalism.

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