Njall - Dan A [DEAD]

Njáll, brother of Niúsi, God of the Lost Road. Njáll is well known for the string of those with grievances against him, and were it not for his aid in capturing his Uncle (thrice removed) Loki, he would almost certainly be completely unwelcome in Asgard society.

Email: njall@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com


The Peregrine Falcon swooped down and landed on the little outcrop by the cave. It had caught a couple of fowl and turned now to peer inside the cave. It was high up in the mountain, but somebody had still managed to get there - a fire burned dimly inside.

The falcon hopped in, carefully looking into the corners and crevices.

“It is fine, brother. Only us,” a voice came from inside, by the fire.

“Oh, and I see, uhm… you brought us dinner,” said another.

The falcon moved further in and as it moved, so it grew and took on a different shape. Njall dropped the birds and spat feathers from his mouth. “Must remember to stop doing that. Niúsi, Osk, how good of you to drop by. You misunderstand though - I have caught my own dinner… but where is yours?”

The gentle laughter softly rolled through the cave and was lost on the wind outside.

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