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Sannast is an aesir known for her fairness and has served as a Lawspeaker in Asgard. When in pursuit of justice Sannast will punish wrongdoers regardless of their power or station, and will make sure the sentence is carried out. She is known for following a Jotun criminal to Jotunheim before defeating him in single combat and dragging him back to Asgard to be tried



Of the Justice Gods of Asgard, few were more revered (or feared) than Sannast. Her opinions and expertise on matters of justice and morality were highly sought following the Ragnarok Crisis and for hundreds and thousands of years to follow, with her hand in numerous organisations fighting to keep peace and stability across the Worlds. As a force for Justice in the Guardians of Reality, she saw an end put to numerous threats to stability of creation; as an agent of Extrapol, she was instrumental in the eventual downfall of Brynjolf, the Queen-Stealer; in Asgard she became known as one of the King's most trusted advisors, eventually codifying and making known the laws of Asgard, with correct and just recompense for theft and appropriate punishment for serious crimes such as murder.

Eventually, Sannast's system for justice under Jaeger's rule became commonplace, with justice miracles being used to assure oaths of honesty in the courts, bringing conviction rates to close to 100%. As time passed, Sannast's wisdom and just decisions became renowned and to this day she remains an instrumental force for ensuring Justice is kept and upheld.

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