Sebastian Ark - Fabio D [VANISHED]

Reclusive Belgian-born billionaire Sebastian Ark is the founder of the Arclight Corporation and an important sponsor of the UNITED project.


The Arclight Corporation

The Arclight Corporation is dedicated to bringing tactical conflict engineering to a rapidly-evolving post-geopolitical marketplace. Arclight serves government and commercial industries worldwide and is a global leader in the fields of security solutions, resource extraction, and applied science and technologies.

As one of the world's most successful training and security service corporations, we are a leading provider of risk-mitigation solutions in an evolving matrix of local, regional and global threats. Using our diverse resource extraction and exploitation sites, we provide the world with the metals, minerals, and energy it needs to grow.

Our patent portfolio and applied engineering divisons are second to none, so whether your needs are as simple as a robotic manservant or as complex as an armored lunar colonisation force, Arclight has plenty of solutions to offer.

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