Skjoll Aegirsson - Freya G [DEAD/MISSING]

The Aesir Skjoll is a god of patience and the tides. Despite being the youngest among his siblings, Skjoll is by far the most level-headed, and he is known to be favoured by their mother, Týr. His devotion to his godly duties is matched only by his devotion to his brother and sister.



Skjoll Aegirsson lay frozen in time, and around him the world changed. Olrik and Reysa hoped everyone would forget his crimes, but it was not to be. In Vanaheim a legend of a spectral figure arose, who crept into the bedrooms of ill-behaved children and poisoned their water, so on waking they drank and died in the arms of their distraught parents. Many of the Hellish who remained were Inga's old army, and they remembered Skjoll fondly for moving them to the respective safety of first Niflheim and then back to Helheim - Gridgard - where Kopr cared for them.

Modgud the giantess, Skjoll's wife for a brief but loving few days, never forgot him. She eventually married Fenrir, but every year she travelled to the wastes of Svartalfheim and laid flowers, each year putting them in a different place, hoping that one year she would get it right and put them on the spot where Skjoll was buried.

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