Dr Sophia Cavenson - Ellie H

Dr Cavenson is a member of the U.N.I.T.E.D research team. She and her team are known for being focused, excessively at times, but when you need results fast she can deliver.

Email: sophia_cavenson@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com


The Njall Association

Wait… you don't know? Dr Cavenson doesn't go on sabbaticals. Believe you me. She's off spending time with Njall on some other world. Yes, the Peregrine Falcon Njall. Guardian of the World Mountain Njall. That one. Happens every few years, apparently, though I've only seen it once myself before now.

You'll know the truth of it when she comes back. Only time she smiles. First time back in the lab - you'll see her smile just for a second and that's it. Back to grim, sad-eyed Dr. Cavenson.

Don't ask me what happened! Far as I know she's always been like this - fatalistic, grumpy. But hey, why should you be complaining when you get to work with the best of the best that the worlds are ever going to see? I bet you're only alive and eating actual bread and meat because of her. Yeah. Damn straight my friend.

The Prize

Plaque reads:

This column of solid gold was bequeathed by Sophia Cavenson on September 10th 2107 to Xin Zhin-ying for outstanding accomplishments in her studies. Xin Zhin-ying has left it to the most promising UNITED science intern each yearr since 2111.

If you can work out what to do with it…

The Gjoll

Please enter your Unique Hall Identification Number
Thank you Sophia Cavenson. Please confirm options for your PNPIF (Soul)
Thank you. You have selected option 4 - passage to the Gjoll. 
As this is likely to remove you from all other interactions in the Worlds, please confirm your selection.
Thank you for your confirmation. Please enter your authorisation code.
This concludes the process. Upon your death, your soul will travel to Gridgard.
As per your forwarding instructions, it will pass through the Gjoll without further interruption.
Please enjoy your eternity of bliss.
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