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A lynx of Vanir descent, Veurr and his sister, Nipt, accompanied Freyja when she moved to Asgard after the Aesir-Vanir War. Famously, they had pulled the war-chariot that Freyja had used to ride into battle during the war and Veurr had been wounded while defending Freyja.

Veurr is a God of the Hunt and is most commonly seen as a lynx, though he is known to assume a human form from time to time, normally when enjoying the hospitality of other Gods.

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Force Sierra

Extract from a 22nd century military history book. Formed in 2053, the United Nations Special Task Force Sierra (UNSTFS), popularly known as Force Sierra, is one of the world's most elite units. Since their inception, they have been commanded by Colonel Veurr, an immortal shape-shifting lynx god. Their mission is to guard against “extreme threats” to the universe. The origin of the designation Sierra is said to be in honour of Robert Sykes, a UNITED veteran of Ragnarok and Prince Consort to Queen Astrid of Alfheim. Members of Force Sierra are believed to use the codename “Mike” to refer to targets and reportedly maintain a “Mike List” of potential threats. There is an urban legend that the source of this is from M for “maul” but that seems unlikely.

UNSTFS Mission report. Declassified in the 2180s.

… we finally received intel from our allies in Vanaheim. At this time, Colonel Veurr deployed the full Force Sierra to New Valhalla against the Eternals. They were easy enough to get to, but difficult to engage effectively. Slow-moving, but well-armoured and extremely resilient, we had to engage carefully and selectively.

Colonel Veurr directed me with half the force to a delaying action at the river while he circled round to strike at the Eternal lagging behind. I note for the record that I've never seen Colonel Veurr fight with such ferocity and determination before. Armoured ear to tail in his lynx suit, the Colonel was almost single-handedly able to bring one of the Eternals to the ground.

We delayed the passage of the others long enough for the Eternals to change course…

Last Words

Professor Ignatius Rex was breathing hard by the time he turned the corner. It was a shame that his base on Alfheim had been discovered, but the sacrifice of his minions would buy him enough time to get out here and rebuild. He would be back, stronger than ever, and this time his plans would not be…

He flinched. He barely caught the sound of something softly padding on the marble floor. The claws tapped on the ground. He saw the Veurr for a second before he pounced - and he knew that he was given that second to take in the terror of what was about to happen.

“Now Pawfessor, about that… mauling… I promised you.” He would never forget that grin.

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