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Russian scientist Yuri Reshvayov made a name for himself in 2040 when he worked with the group that determined the theoretical possibility of a trans-dimensional gate using element zero. Shortly afterwards, the man completely disappeared for more than five years. When he reappeared, he was employed by Midgard Industries as an expert R&D weapons engineer. He joined UNITED through the regular channels as an independant scientist, but it is more than likely than Midgard cajoled him into applying to raise their profile.

Email: yuri_reshvayov@ragnarok.chaosdeathfish.com


Dr. Yuri Reshvayov stayed working at UNITED for a long time after the troubles of Ragnarok. He finally was able to turn his eyes to the pure, altruistic uses of portal and ITP technology after the arms race of the previous few years. He lead a new inter-world research group with the Dwarves interred in the Hall of the Dead to study the intersection of Dwarven and Human approaches of ITP science.

There are some that claim that Dr. Reshvayov was singularly responsible for the technological revolution that swept Midgard and the other realms during the following decades. Before he retired his contributions to the understanding of the underlying physics behind ITP transport were instrumental in development of global travel, the extension of sustainable fusion power, and the re-invigoration of feasible space travel.

However Yuri remained a reclusive throughout his long life; later in life he was mostly seen in ITP symposia and conferences, a refined yet frail old man who always spoke in a quiet, deliberative voice. His other main public interaction was through his daughter, Anita Reshvayov, the famous artist. Her acclaimed series of sculptures, Papa, painted a picture of a man ravaged by time and circumstance and was considered of especial note for showing the warmth to be found in the inanimate.

”…Dr. Reshvayov passed away peacefully in his New Moscow bed, after a long illness. He shall be remembered fondly by all that new him; his warmth, compassion, and love for the human condition was obvious to all who knew him. He is survived by his daughter Anita, and his two grandchildren Jakob and Lucia…”

From the Obituary of Dr. Yuri Reshvayov, 2097

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