Agent Yuri 'Lelantos' Veselovsky - Edward P

Agent Yuri Veselovsky, also known by his callsign 'Lelantos' is a Russian born soldier. A renowned marksman, Yuri provides fire support and reconnaisance for XS-42 on its missions through the ITP.



From The Chronicles of Ragnarok, by Hanaar Dorfsson

Lelantos remained with UNITED after Ragnarok, eventually taking over from Col. Busia as head of the XS program. Following the rehabilitation of the souls that had been subjected to the torture of becoming Hellhounds, Lelantos brought those that were willing into the XS program, forming XS-Titan, more commonly referred to as the Wolf Pack. This elite strike force, made up of highly skilled soldiers in heavily customised Avatars eventually cleared out the remains of the Humanity First terrorist organisation, finally putting to rest the plans of Demotte and Thorpe. Lelantos led his troops from the front, even during his first life, tragically cut short when a raid on a HF outpost went wrong, and he was forced to detonate the munitions he was carrying in order to complete the operation. Once his soul was safely ensconced in the Midgardian Hall, Lelantos began to inhabit the CRIOS (Combat, Recon, Infiltration, Observation, Stealth) Avatar, a mix of terrifying weaponry and state-of-the-art cloaking and scanning technology.

The Oath of the Wolf Pack

  I have experienced the injustice wrought by those who wish harm upon others.
      I shall be the source of vengeance for those they have wronged. 
  I know the pain of helplessness, the fear of a fate from which noone can save me.  
      I shall be the deliverer of those in need.
  I have known the rage of combat, the bloodlust which overwhelms the senses, and wants nothing but to rip and tear.  
      I shall focus my anger where it is required.
  I have been a thing of evil, a product of a deranged mind.
      I shall be a force for good.  I shall bring peace.

Transmission received by all former members of XS-42, dated 23 July 2274

“I've found something. I can't say what it is right now, but I'm going to need a diplomat, a scout, and someone to help me understand some new races. If you guys want to get the band back together, there'll be a void ship waiting for you at Isla de Corvo in two weeks. - Prometheus”

Lelantos and Cerberus answered Prometheus' call, and boarded the ship. In the five years since the expedition left, nothing further has been heard. The Wolf Pack continues to act as UNITED's first strike, recon, and infiltration unit.

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